Technical Screening

Finding the right talent for your in-house team is crucial to the long-term success of your company. It's also costly. Forge Ventures offers technical screening to minimize costs associated with IT candidate selection. With a commitment to finding the right talent for the job, our focus is on Software Engineering with an emphasis on Research & Development, Product Development and Information Technology.

24% of U.S. employers estimate that a single bad hire can cost them more than $50,000 learn more



You determine who passes muster.

This initial screening step typically includes you gathering resumes that you deem worthy of the next phase – the big call.

We schedule the call.

We work with you to understand expectations and timing, and then reach out to the candidates to schedule the call.

The candidates do the talking.

You’re welcome to listen in on the call to get a feel for the candidate, and ensure the right questions are covered.

The ruling is made.

We rate the candidate’s proficiency and deliver thorough and clear feedback to you so there’s no need for translation.


The Benefits


Our interviewers have many years of experience in Technology - Software Architecture, Design and Programming; have a strong academic background including Degrees in Software Engineering and/or Computer Science; and multiple Technical Certifications. We understand your job and the talent needed to do it well.


Save time and money.

Interview feedback comes at a cost. It takes time and energy to identify the right people for the role, and to weed out the wrong ones. Some may argue it takes even more to screen professionals in the technical field because they come with a broad range of skills and experience.


Qualified technical screeners fill gaps.

Most everyone has the skills to identify a "pretty decent" resume and skillset, but a technical position needs more. You need someone reliable whose expertise you can lean on; someone who's been there and done that.


Service Flexibility

We want you to have confidence in your partnership with us and the quality of our service. It's important that you're able to get to know the candidate even if you're allowing us to lead the interview. That's why we welcome you to join the teleconference call between the candidate and our interviewer.

Thirty-nine percent of IT professionals and 35 percent of IT leaders say that most IT resumes contain outright lies.

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