Our Process

Our Process

A n old axiom of business is “trust, then verify.” We’re excited that our solutions appeal to you. We also understand it’s important for you to understand how we do it all.

Utilizing the latest technologies means our development team is on the cutting-edge of current software with decades of experience in everything from software architecture to project management. Using the best agile methodologies means we can support change at any stage of development and place emphasis on early delivery and continuous improvement.


Our team works with your team to begin Discovery, a review of your situation. We analyze the software solution you have now, and help determine what you need for the future. After you tell us your desired features, we define the technical specifications.


When you’re confident our technical specifications match your needs, we create wireframes detailing how the solution will work. We design them so that you and your team can start using them before development even


With the design and user flow mapped, we begin development. Our iterative approach means we can support in-flight changes you may need - even when your project build is underway. We love a good partnership and value your feedback.


Once the functionality has been well-tested, we get your users into the system so you can start reaping the benefits. We remain committed to providing you with a full end-to-end solution in the form of resources like on-site training and tech support.

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Forge Ventures exists with a simple goal: to improve the way people run their business

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