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We work with you to create just the product you need for all of the needs you have. We have built a range of products to satisfy different business goals, including emergency response systems and information management systems.

How We Do It

We have a track record of successfully delivering integration solutions because our experts understand the big picture. From building feature-rich software to interacting with clients, we feel quality should shine in all aspects of our business.

Our Products

With a foundation in providing SaaS, we offer customized products for an affordable monthly fee. This subscription-based pricing structure means you can evaluate whether the services are meeting your needs as you go – without committing from the get-go.

My daughter left for college two years ago now. Every day that went by, I worried about her and her diabetes. I found DiabeticAlerts and all that changed. Now, we rely on the automated phone calls to let us know if she's in trouble. I'm relieved I found it, and Maggie is happy I'm letting her live her life on her own.

Bonnie R.
Des Moines, IA
a customer of DiabeticAlerts.com